Magic is a hot topic as fans of Harry Potter await the final installment of the movie series.

Capitalizing on the arrival of the final Harry Potter movie, the Divine Comedy troupe at BYU has released "Firebolt," a Harry Potter-inspired music video parody of Katy Perry's "Firework." On YouTube, the video is giving the group national attention and tapping into nearly 100,000 hearts of Potter enthusiasts.

"This was just me being nerdy, just writing my heart down," said Whitney Call, writer of the parody, in an interview with Action 19 News in Cleveland. "But others were like, 'Oh! This is exactly how I feel!'"

The video shows several college-aged people who long to escape the "Muggle world" into the world of magic. Each person has a moment that triggers his or her flight from Mugglehood. For one it is the broom with which she's sweeping the kitchen, another his failed attempts at concocting potions in chemistry class.

"Did you ever feel so disappointed when you closed the book and realized that the story had to end? But maybe you were wrong and you are chosen, too…so grab your wand and go," sings Call, as those who didn't receive their letter of acceptance from Hogwarts congregate together to pretend, just for a minute, that there's magic.