Recently, former Sen. Bob Bennett wrote about the difficulty of seeing things as they really are and how powerful groups manipulate the information available through traditional news channels to further their agenda. The evidence seems to be illustrated frequently in the letters published in the paper.

We see that people are willing to base their political opinions on hearsay in one case and a snapshot of a candidate in another. We see people decry the "redistribution of wealth to the wealthy" where they are not at all accurate even in use of the term.

We see politicians feel the heat, then see the light and change their behavior, trying to distance themselves from their voting records. We see people write in support of positions that history, holy men, and common sense have found to be unworkable. We see thunderous cries of support in favor of fraudulent events.

And we constantly see the evidence of the sometimes incomplete, obfuscated news that manipulates the thinking and direction of our people, along with the strong-but-false reason of the social engineering elite. We see impassioned descriptions of the elephant's foot and leg, while missing or ignoring the elephant's body, head and trunk.

Bottom line, patiently working from just and holy principles, such as are found in our Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, and relentless pursuit of information and perspective from various sources, applied with honesty, can only bring hope of arrival at sound positions. Luckily, we all hope to improve our views of things.

Allan South