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In this image from a BBC television interview aired Tuesday July 12 2011, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaks during an interview. Brown on Tuesday accused Rupert Murdoch's newspapers of employing criminals to obtain confidential information about his family, his private financial affairs and the lives of ordinary people who were at "rock bottom." Brown's furious denunciation of the politically powerful News International papers came a day after questions were raised about how The Sun newspaper obtained confidential information in 2006 that Brown's infant son Fraser had cystic fibrosis.

LONDON — British Prime Minister David Cameron says his former communications chief Andy Coulson should be prosecuted if he lied in the newspaper phone hacking scandal.

Cameron told lawmakers Wednesday that a "firestorm" was engulfing parts of the media and British police, and those who had committed offenses must be prosecuted.

He said the media also needs to be more transparent.