Glenn Beck spoke encouraging words and quoted scripture Monday in a speech to Israel's parliament.

"Former Fox host Glenn Beck gave a public relations pep talk in the Israeli parliament today, urging legislators not to mince words that the conflict with the Palestinians threatens Israel's existence," the Christian Science Monitor reported.

An article on about Beck's visit to Israel ran beneath a headline proclaiming, "Glenn Beck a star among right wing in Israeli Parliament."

While the Monitor and CNN generally focused on the public relations value of Beck's appearance, the Israel-based Jerusalem Post analyzed the policy issues associated with the American's visit.

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"Some seemed to think (Beck) was not right-wing enough when it comes to Israel," the Post related. "More than one (Knesset member) spoke out against a Palestinian state in the committee meeting, but Beck told Channel 10 news later that evening that he would not oppose such a state."

A Mormon, Beck also communicated a message of ecumenicalism to the Israeli parliament. The Jewish Telegrapic Agency quoted Beck sharing a passage from the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament: "Where you go, I shall go. Your people is my people, your God is my God."


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