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Utah Jazz assistant coach Jeff Hornacek, left, and head coach Tyrone Corbin will be working closely to implement a new system.

Q: How has the draft changed since you came into the NBA?

A: I think the big difference is that these guys don't play 5-on-5 anymore. When I was coming in at all the different camps, we played full games leading up to the draft. That gave coaches a better chance to see players perform in game situations. Now, the scouts get to see them play a lot, but it's a bit harder for the coaching staff.

Q: What are you and the other coaches expecting from Enes Kanter?

A: Enes is a guy who can rebound and get inside, as well as shoot it a bit from the outside. We haven't seen him play a lot, but from what we can tell he's got a really nice shot from about 15 feet out. I gave him a few things to work on this summer if he wants to, and he seemed eager to get better.

Q: What do you see in Alec Burks' game?

A: He's got a very good mid-range game and ability to get to the basket. He's done that so easily that, I think, he hasn't had to shoot from outside a lot. You might have a concern if you don't think he has the shooters eye, as we say, but he clearly does. We don't want to turn him into a jump shooter, though we obviously want him to shoot and make jumpers. But you want to let a guy go to his strengths.

Q: Is it exciting to coach a young team, or does it present unique challenges? Or both?

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A: When you have young guys it's great because they have a tendency to listen better and take more advice. I think the older they get the more they think they know it all, and it's probably tougher on coaches. We think we have young guys who are talented and are willing to listen, and that's important. Not all young players are that way.

Q: What are your summer plans?

A: I'm not under contract, so with the lockout and everything I'm just in a 'wait and see' situation. Most of us will take off and relax for the next month or two, and I'll be able to spend some time with my family. We'll also be working closely with (Tyrone Corbin) to implement his system, whatever that will be, so it will still be a busy summer.

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