With summer nearing its halfway point for some students, those going into their senior year of high school may consider spending some time getting ready to apply for college before the hustle and bustle of a new school year.

My College Options recently printed a report called "7 Things to Do This Summer Before Your Senior Year of High School."

Some of these suggestions include preparing for ACT or SAT college entrance exams, visiting college campuses to narrow down options, starting on your college application, creating a resume and starting your college essays.

The Class of 2011 faced the toughest admission rates yet, according to an article in the Deseret News earlier this year. Admission rates nationwide were 66.5 percent for four-year colleges.

My College Guide gave students some advice last month on what to do when applying for colleges in an article titled "The 10 biggest mistakes students make when applying to college."

1. Not doing your research on different colleges

2. Missing deadlines for applications

3. Not applying to safety schools

4. Fixating on one school

5. Applying to schools based on cost; students should look at financial aid offerings as well

6. Not proofreading applications or reading the directions fully

7. Thinking one essay fits all

8. Applying early decision when you are not 100 percent sure

9. Following your friends to college

10. Not showing enough interest in the school of your choice

College.gov also gives some insights into what students still in high school can do to prepare.

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