Just as criminals are read their rights when arrested, women seeking an abortion should be aware of their rights, says Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Jindal signed a bill into law Wednesday that requires clinics to post signs explaining a women's rights and outlining options other than abortion.

"Women deserve to know their legal rights and the protections already afforded them under the law," Jindal said, according to the News Star. "We are confident that the more they know, the more they'll choose life and alternatives to abortion."

The signage will notify women that should they choose not to abort, fathers must pay child support, agencies are in place to assist mothers and adoptive parents are often willing to help cover medical costs.

The purpose of the law is also to make women aware of their right to choose, to not be forced into an abortion, as it is illegal to coerce a woman to do so. Yet despite this fact, Benjamin Clapper told the News Star that 64 percent of women who had an abortion were coerced. "Our society promotes the idea that abortion is a free choice, and statistics show completely otherwise," Clapper said in the article.

NARAL, a pro-choice organization, says Louisiana already has strict anti-abortions rules in place that an abortion can only be performed if the pregnancy is a result of incest or rape or if the needs to be done to save the life of the woman.

According to ThinkProgress.org, in 2006 Louisiana banned abortions in the second trimester, with the exception to preserve the woman's life.

With the already strict rules in place, the new law will push along the pro-life state's agenda of "choosing life," will help women make more informed choices and protect innocent life, Jindal told the News Star.

"We've got to fight to defend the lives of the most innocent and most vulnerable among us, especially unborn children," Jindal said.

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