As a resident of Salt Lake City for over 30 years, I have found it intriguing how we will unabashedly brag about our kinship of so many prominent people in order to gain some credibility and normality as a mainstream state. Of particular interest is our quick claim of ownership of Mitt Romney.

Gov. Romney has never been a citizen of Utah, other than having some part time property in Park City, which he has subsequently sold. Mitt's only Utah ties were when he came here for about two years to salvage our 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Then he packed his bags and made a quick exit to Massachusetts, where he used his Olympic experience to line his resume in his race for governor. Mitt's membership in the Mormon Church makes him no more a citizen of Utah than it would in the same sense that every Catholic lives in Rome. And, in fairness, Jon Huntsman Jr. left Utah in a tailspin to be Ambassador to China, and he has since headquartered his presidential campaign in Florida. So neither candidate has any actual allegiance to Utah.

George H. Zinn

Salt Lake CIty