Ah, retirement. Golfing on weekdays, fishing the afternoons away … and getting ripped by your fans.

Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis and legendary Heber City wrestler Cael Sanderson are in the news, thanks to retirement issues.

Kreis had his number retired on Monday at RSL's game against New England. But critics say he has done more as a coach than a player with the team.

Meanwhile, Sanderson is coming out of retirement to compete in the U.S. World Team Trials, which could sully his spotless record.

Some believe the issues complicate their reputations. Rock On figures the coaches don't have much to lose.

As long as they don't mind being on the cover of AARP magazine.


Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton recently noted he was hitting .377 at night but just .122 in the day. He blamed his blue eyes for the discrepancy, as they are sensitive to the sunlight.

Or maybe he's just watched a few too many "Twilight" movies.


When the U. celebrated admission to the Pac-12 Friday, athletics director Chris Hill declared, "It's a great day to be a Ute."

With $34 million a year in TV revenues upcoming, isn't that like saying it's a great day to be a Gates?

Every day's great when you have more money than a small nation.


Meanwhile, the Cougars introduced BYU Radio on Friday. Games can now be heard on Sirius and XM satellite radio, which reach about 20 million subscribers in a 4 million square-mile area.

Or you can just go to church and hear the replay from some guy in your Sunday School class.


Nike has the contract for NFL uniforms starting in 2012, and one report says the company plans to be "aggressive" in uniform designs.

That doesn't sound good if you've seen another Nike-inspired uniform — that of the Oregon Ducks.

You know the saying: If it looks like a Duck, and walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck … then the Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, Cardinals and Seahawks will look like the Ducks.

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