Troy Hinds

KAYSVILLE — One can feel a bit guilty calling Troy Hinds for a recruiting update.

Since his first offer more than a year ago, the calls, letters, and interest have grown to the obnoxious stage. "I'm receiving about 10-15 of them every week now," Hinds said regarding the number of calls he's been receiving weekly from coaches, and media.

While not wanting to pile on and add to those calls, it's hard to ignore a recruit such as Troy Hinds.

To say that Hinds is a big recruit would be an understatement. Few football players from Utah get the national interest that Hinds has gotten.

The interest came very quickly after receiving his first scholarship offer from Utah just after his sophomore season.

"I have 15 or 16 scholarship offers now, I can't remember the exact number," said the Davis High School defensive end prospect. "For a while there, it seemed like I was getting a new offer almost every week, but then it slowed down, but I'm still getting the calls and letters. That's for sure."

It's not only the amount of offers Hinds has received that's impressive. It's also the quality.

Utah, BYU, Notre Dame, Michigan, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Georgia Tech all hold official offers for him according to

"I have seen firsthand on how the recruiting process works," said his father, David Hinds. "My brother, myself and Tanner (Troy's brother) were all recruited, but Troy's is at a totally different level."

Upon receiving his first offer from Utah, BYU jumped in with its own offer very shortly after.

"I remember at the time thinking that it was great having the top two in-state schools interested in me," said the 6-foot-5, 230-pound prospect. "I've really admired both programs for a long time, and definitely had a lot of interest in both of them."

The offers and national attention soon followed after receiving his offers from Utah and BYU.

"I really couldn't even tell you the order of schools that offered me after that," said Troy. "It was all coming so fast, that it was hard to keep track of. It was and is an honor to have so many schools interested in me, but it can get very distracting for sure."

So where does one start in sifting through so many offers from such quality college programs? That would be a difficult task for anyone, let alone for a teenager.

Fortunately for Troy, he's received a lot of good. Not so much in hands-on help, but help in prepping him well to make the best decision for himself personally.

"Lisa (Troy's mother) and I, along with coach Ryan Bishop (Davis' head coach) have done our best to keep our distance away from a lot of it," said David. "Lisa and I appreciate coach Bishop and his staff at Davis High School. We are blessed as parents to have three of our sons (Tanner, Troy, and Ty) in his program. He is a great example and a superb leader of young men."

Troy Hinds recently whittled down his offers to a top 6 list that he will decide from. Those schools include Utah, BYU, Stanford, Cal, Notre Dame and Nebraska.

Each of his final six schools hold some very similar qualities including top educational opportunities, among other key factors. Each school does obviously differs with regards to other factors, however.

Hinds commented briefly on each of his final six schools and why he would make them his final choice.

 On BYU: "I've been down to BYU quite a bit and I always love the feeling I get when I'm there. It's close to home, which is something that is important to me as well. I really love the coaching staff, and how they do things there. I like the tradition and what they stand for there."

While he's being recruited to play defensive end by every school on his list, BYU is recruiting him as an outside linebacker. With Bronco Mendenhall's base 3-4 defensive system, he believes that Troy can best be utilized as a sort of OLB/DE hybrid from the weak side linebacker spot, considering his advanced athleticism.

"I like the thought of playing outside linebacker. I'm obviously more used to defensive end, but I like having that option to play linebacker at BYU. Them wanting me to play linebacker is something I'm OK with. It doesn't scare me or anything like that."

 On Utah: "I like a lot of the same things about Utah that I like about BYU. I like that they're close to home, and I love their coaching staff. I've spent a lot of time there on campus, just like I have at BYU, and it's a great feeling I get when I'm there as well."

Hinds is keenly aware of Utah's success in breeding top defensive end talent as well.

"For sure that's one of the top things I like about Utah. You look at their defensive line tradition, and it's great. That's definitely something I like a lot about Utah."

 On Nebraska: "I haven't been out there yet to visit, but I love how they've recruited me. I don't contact them every week, but I contact them enough to let them know that I'm definitely interested. I love the great defensive tradition they have there, and I'd love to be a part of that. They always have great defenses there. I've always liked Nebraska, and they were one of the first to show me interest."

 On Stanford: "Academics is obviously a big thing that I like about Stanford. They also have a great football program. You can't do much better than a Stanford education, so that's definitely what I like about them."

 On Cal: "Again, they have a lot of things about them that are like Stanford. I really like the coaches there, and they offer a top education. I haven't been able to see them much, but I hope to go out to both Cal and to Stanford to see their programs up close."

 On Notre Dame: "It's a storied program. The tradition there is amazing. I really want to go out there and see all of that up close. Being part of such a great program with such a great tradition is something I like a lot."

Troy has mentioned that he plans to wait until the end of the season to make his final decision on where to sign. That might be changing, however, as deciding before the season holds some advantages in his mind.

"I haven't put any date on my decision," he said. "I probably will wait until the end of the season, but I could decide before. It's just whenever it feels right and that may come here soon, I really don't know. When I just get that feeling that I know which school I need to sign with, that's when I'll decide."