Without ever coming face-to-face, Mitt Romney and Pres. Barack Obama are very much facing off Thursday in Pennsylvania.

Obama flew into Pennsylvania Thursday for two fundraisers. Romney, meanwhile, seized on the president's visit to highlight the perceived economic failures of his presidency. CBS News reports

"Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is confronting President Obama on the economy today, visiting a closed-down factory that Mr. Obama himself once held up as an example of a company on the mend."

Romney posted a 40-second YouTube video, "Obama Isn't Working," previewing the message he'll deliver in Pennsylvania.

The Washington Post noted Thursday that this is another example of GOP front-runner Romney targeting the Democratic president instead of fellow Republican candidates.

"This is the latest turn in Romney's strategy to concentrate his campaign on the economy and take his fight past his Republican rivals and directly to Obama. It's also the clearest sign yet of Romney's strengthening position atop the GOP's 2012 field. For all the talk of Romney as a weak front-runner, the former businessman has been able to dictate the terms of the race so far, with the other Republican candidates unable or unwilling yet to throw him off his relentless economic messaging."

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