I totally agree with Halvor Olsen ("The Jazz got Jimmered, Readers' Forum, June 25) that the Jazz missed a wonderful chance to gain loyalty and fan base by drafting Jimmer.

But, in my opinion, it was not a failed read of the fans' desires by the Jazz. They knew exactly what they were doing in the NBA Draft but ignored the wishes of many fans who buy the tickets. The Jazz got their big man to add to their other big men who are constantly injured.

The Jazz have plenty of height but are lacking in excitement. They need players who have emotion. The fans need role models and heroes. Something to pump up the crowd like in the old days.

All they had to do was attend a game in Provo this year and feel the electricity that Jimmer provided. I still haven't seen a replacement for All-Star Deron Williams, the last Jazz player who instilled in me any desire to buy a Jazz sweatshirt.

Jason Allman