This is in response to a recent letter by Tim Williams ("Expand peace process," Readers' Forum, June 24). The Palestinians in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan are refugees. They do not want to live there; they deserve to go back to their own homeland in Palestine/Israel. The Palestinians were forced to flee for their lives in 1948, when a non-indigenous pre-Israeli force massacred their villages — where Palestinians had thrived for thousands of years.

The Palestinians (Muslims, Christians and Jews) have a right to return according to multiple U.N. resolutions, with which the U.S. has a binding treaty per the U.S. Constitution. Israel can only survive as one state, a democratic, not Jewish, one, with equal rights and representation for everyone, including all Palestinians. This conflict is 63 years old and is not ancient as commonly propagated. It began with Israeli occupation. If the U.S. continues to support the Israeli apartheid and religious extremism, it will lead to disaster for our own children. I have been in the West Bank and Gaza, where Palestinians suffer under extreme inhumane and illegal occupation, and they are not dangerous. Lebanon is for Lebanese, Syria for Syrians, Jordan for Jordanians and Palestine is for Palestinians.

Rose Jones

Salt Lake City