The Jazz organization got Jimmered and missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve their public relations and their attendance at games. They didn't read their fans well. All fans love to have a hero athlete to worship and lead their team to winning games. Fans had it in Stockton and Malone, and they loved it.

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If the Jazz organization had won "the Jimmer," they would have had an instant hero for the fans to worship. This would be a great boost to Jazz attendance for many years. The Jazz could then be in last place of their division, but with a hero, Jimmer fans would still come out in droves to support him.

The two players the Jazz selected are undoubtedly good players, but who among the fans knows anything about them — other than one is from Turkey. Larry Miller would not have let the opportunity to sign on Jimmer get past him.

Halvor Olsen

West Bountiful