So here you sit, smack dab in the middle of the "Mormon Moment," vacillating between Romney and Huntsman, anxiously waiting to see which team gets Jimmered in Thursday's NBA Draft and downloading G-rated songs from "The Book of Mormon" soundtrack (you know, that ONE song) and you think you know pretty much everything there is to know about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It's time to put up or . . . you know . . . be reverent.

The Huffington Post has created a fun 12-question quiz called "Latter-Day Saints 101: How Much Do You Know About the Mormons?" (Yes, we know that the "d" in "Latter-day" is NOT capitalized — evidently the folks at the Huffington Post don't.) The quiz intends to find out "how much Americans actually know about the LDS Church and its members' beliefs." It includes questions about LDS history, doctrine, practices and policy, as well as a few questions about contemporary Mormons and events.

The quiz is timed – it takes a little more than two minutes to complete, but you have to register in order for your results to be compared with others. But you can still take the quiz if you choose not to register. Check it out and see if you are ready to fully embrace the "Mormon Moment."

While you're online, you might want to take a look at "How teasing just makes a Mormon merrier," from Monocle, a London-based magazine and web site. In a column by Andrew Mueller, the LDS Church is commended for taking the high road with regards to "The Book of Mormon" Broadway musical.

"('The Book of Mormon' musical) is by all accounts everything that might be expected of a (Trey Parker/Matt Stone) production: brutally irreverent, cheerfully scabrous and triumphantly offensive," Mueller writes. "It notably lacks, however, one traditional feature of Parker and Stone's lampoonery: an indignant response from its victims. The Mormons have instead opted to be rather sporting about it — and even to perceive it as an opportunity."

Mueller writes about a couple of official church responses to the musical, including the "I'm a Mormon" advertising campaign currently in place in New York City, and suggests that because of such efforts, "Parker and Stone might become the two most effective missionaries the Mormons have ever had."

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