Utah Democrats released a video Monday that parodies three Jon Huntsman Jr. advertisements.

Over the past week Huntsman has released a series of ads showing a stand-in rider wearing Huntsman's motocross gear riding through the Utah desert. Each video's title refers to how much time is left until Huntsman formally announces his presidential candidacy Tuesday in New Jersey: "6 Days," "4 Days" and "Tomorrow."

The Democrats' faux Huntsman advertisement is titled "In 1 Day" and focuses on several issue positions Utah's former governor is allegedly "running away" from.

"It's clear that Jon Huntsman is running — running away from his record as governor of Utah," a Monday press release from the Utah Democratic Party states. "As governor of Utah he supported cap and trade, President Obama's Recovery Act, a health care individual mandate and later expressed support for the president's Affordable Care Act. And as a candidate Huntsman is running away from all those positions, desperately trying to reinvent himself and cater to the right wing of the Republican Party."

Politico columnist Maggie Haberman noted the Huntsman video parody in a blog entry.

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