Sarah Houston Pratt Taussig (1822 ~ 1886)

A Heroic 1847 Mormon Pioneer (Memorial services, Antimony, Utah) July 2, 2011. Born in Stark County Ohio on August 3, 1822. Died in Coyote, Utah (now Antimony) on May 26, 1886. Married by Brigham Young to Parley P. Pratt in Nauvoo, Illinois on October 15, 1845. Gave birth to Julia Pratt (Gardner) at Winter Quarters in 1847. Gave birth to three other Pratt children in Salt Lake City - Mormon Pratt, Teancum Pratt and Sarah Elizabeth Pratt (King). Widowed upon Pratt's death in Arkansas on May 13, 1857. Married by Brigham Young to A. Lewis Taussig in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 15, 1857. Gave birth to three Taussig Children in Payson and Goshen, Utah - Almira Isabella, David Philip (aka) David Philip Pratt) and William (aka) William Gardner. Preceded in death by her parents and her two sisters who were plural wives of Heber C. Kimball and Newel K. Whitney. Joined in repose by her seven children and her many grandchildren. She is survived by more than 100 descendants. Interested parties are invited to memorial and dedicatory services at the Antimony, Utah cemetery at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 2, 2011, followed by an outdoor picnic lunch at the Venice, Utah Ward House at 12 noon. Contact: James P. Cowley, Great-Grandson of Sarah 801-424-1518