What do you get when you splice the head of Mitt Romney and the body of a missionary from "The Book of Mormon" musical? A sellout edition of Newsweek — at least in Utah. Yahoo News reported that the controversial June 13 edition of Newsweek has sold out in Utah.

Indeed, a call to Salt Lake City's Barnes & Noble confirmed that they are fresh out. Though some took issue with the cover, it did not stop many Utahns from buying copies of the magazine.

"Don't judge the story by its cover alone," said Newsweek reporter McKay Coppins who worked on the magazine's article. "I think members of the (LDS) Church will find that the package treats Mormonism fairly." Coppins later defended the magazine's cover and contents during a live chat.

During the chat, Coppins wrote: "Those Mormons who are deeply offended by Newsweek's cover image/story probably aren't ready themselves for a Mormon president." He added, "This ain't nothing compared to some of the vitriol the LDS Church will face if Romney/Huntsman actually IS elected."

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