I happened to tune in to the Tony Awards Sunday just in time to see one of the producers of "The Book of Mormon" musical offer a flippant tip-of-the-hat to Joseph Smith, as he pointed heavenward and exclaimed, "You did it, Joseph! You won the Tony!"

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This show which, "Newsweek" magazine says may be the most obscene show ever brought to a Broadway stage and which reviewers describe as full of doctrinal distortions in the name of satire, deeply saddens me. I have seen and enjoyed light-hearted satires of our Mormon beliefs which have been done in good taste and have laughed at the good humor.

But a show that contains 49 "f-word" references and 27 other obscenities and then salutes Joseph Smith definitely crosses the line for me. My comfort is in knowing that "no unhallowed hand" can stop the work Joseph set in motion, and ultimately such distortions from the world turn to the good of the church.

Janice K. Perry