Desert Books some 1,500 e-titles may land on a mobile device near you as the company announced Wednesday the release of its first app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

The free app, known as Deseret Bookshelf, is currently available in the iTunes app store and offers Deseret Book-published titles as well as e-books from other sources. The app comes preloaded with eight free books.

The free books included with the app are Jesus the Christ, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Discourses of Brigham Young, Lectures on Faith, History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, The Miracle of Forgiveness, Gospel Doctrine, and the Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt.

Matt McBride, the Digital Product Director for Deseret Book, said Bookshelf will also include a copy of the scriptures that can be linked directly to scriptural citations made by authors of other books.

Bookshelf is the only app on the market that offers instant full-text search of your entire library, McBride said. It makes finding favorite quotes and passages much easier.

A Q&A on also reports LDS magazines such as the Ensign, New Era and Friend will be available by download.

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While Deseret Bookshelf is only offered on the iOS platform currently, the company plans to expand to the Android this year and eventually aims to make the app available to anyone with a modern web browser.

According to a Deseret Book news release, the company is also preparing to release other apps, including an app based on the book, Why?: Powerful Answers and Practical Reasons for Living LDS Standard, an app of Book of Mormon games for children and an app based on the board game, Feast and Famine.