Bill Keller infamously announced in 2007, "If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan!"

While expressing less vitriol in his delivery, evangelical author Warren Cole Smith said something similar in his recent article, "A Vote for Romney Is a Vote for the LDS Church."

Smith wrote, "I believe a candidate who either by intent or effect promotes a false and dangerous religion is unfit to serve. … A Romney presidency would have the effect of actively promoting a false religion in the world. If you have any regard for the Gospel of Christ, you should care. A false religion should not prosper with the support of Christians. The salvation of souls is at stake."

Mormon scholar and author Joanna Brooks spoke with Smith about his views regarding Mormonism. In the interview posted on, Brooks said: "I can understand from an evangelical perspective why you view our religion as 'false.' But why do you think we are 'dangerous?'"

Smith replied, "Let me ask you: is anything that is false not dangerous? Anything false is dangerous. Falsehood leads to danger."

Brooks countered by asking if other faiths he considered theologically "false" like Judaism and Catholicism are also dangerous. Smith said that those faiths are both different from Mormonism.

While Smith is not changing his mind about Mormonism, other evangelicals are comfortable supporting a Mormon politico like Romney. In fact, Mark DeMoss, a Southern Baptist and founder of a prominent evangelical PR firm, recently pledged his support for Romney just like he did in 2008. DeMoss said in the Boston Globe that he will reach out to evangelicals concerned with Romney's faith.