SALT LAKE CITY — Brian David Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for kidnapping and raping Elizabeth Smart. The following are quotes from the federal court sentencing hearing and in interviews afterward.

"I was happy for the opportunity to say what I felt I needed to say and I'm glad that it's over."

— Elizabeth Smart

"It didn't make a difference to me. He made up his mind what he wanted to do. I said what I needed to say."

— Elizabeth Smart on the fact Mitchell did not look at her while she spoke to him in the courtroom.

"The world isn't ready for what I have to say."

— Brian David Mitchell as quoted by his stepdaughter Rebecca Woodridge during a jail visit Tuesday.

"He doesn't feel like he will spend the rest of his life in prison because he feels the Lord will intervene and this world won't be around in 30 years."

— Rebecca Woodridge, Mtichell's stepdaughter

"Your perversion and exploitation of religion is not a defense. It is disgusting and it is an abuse that anyone should despise. Regardless of what the defense has proposed, you put Elizabeth through nine months of psychological hell."

— Ed Smart to Mitchell in the courtroom

"I'm not saying this isn't horrible conduct. It is."

— Defense attorney Parker Douglas in arguing against a life sentence.

"We are confident that a life sentence is where law and justice intersect."

— Prosecutor Felice Viti

"While we all recognize that the imposition of a life sentence will do nothing to ease the pain and the mental anguish Elizabeth has suffered as a result of her nine-month capitivity, it is a measure of justice for Elizabeth and it will certainly ensure Brian David Mitchell never inflicts such intolerable and upspeakable cruelty ton anyone else again."

— U.S. Attorney for Utah Carlie Christensen

"We have a victim who wouldn't even talk to a policeman after a few months of horror in a camp. ... Her identity was almost obliterated by the defendants."

— U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball

"I was very confident Judge Kimball would come to this conclusion. It's not a surprise to me."

— Dorotha Smart, Elizabeth's grandmother, on the judgment

"We want to thank everyone out there for so many things. There were so many that helped bring Elizabeth home."

— Ed Smart