In the Collie home there is a photo of Scott Collie with his sons, Zac and Austin, posing with LaVell Edwards Stadium in the background hanging prominently on the wall. All three enjoyed great success while at BYU.

The photo is titled "Collie Family Legacy."

“I remember just looking at the picture and thinking, it’s not complete,” said Dylan Collie, who committed to the Cougar coaching staff on May 23. “There they are, my dad, my two brothers, how could I not at least try to be part of what they did at BYU and continue the family legacy there?”

That’s exactly what he aims to do.

Dylan is a 5-foot-10, 176-pound wide receiver from Oak Ridge High, just outside of Sacramento, Calif. As a junior last season he caught 43 passes for 548 yards and eight touchdowns, while playing both receiver and safety.

He was recruited as a wide receiver by BYU, and will carry the last name that is largely associated with the best receiver to ever to pass through its storied program. While some players would choose to shy away from such an association, Dylan hopes to thrive with it.

“I’m going to come to BYU with the attitude that I can match and maybe even improve on the great play that both Zac and Austin gave to the football team,” he said confidently. “It’s not something I shy away from. I’m proud of being a Collie, and I love the pressure that comes with that name. I’m going to do everything within my power to live up to that name, and to continue our family’s legacy at BYU.”

Dylan will graduate in 2012, and then play a year before leaving on an LDS mission. When he enters the program, it will hardly be the first time he’s been around the coaches, facilities and the school.

“I’ve been around BYU since I was 6 years old,” he said. “I know all of the coaches extremely well, and I’ve always loved it there. I know that my father, and both of my brothers loved their time at BYU, so why not follow doing what they’ve all done at BYU, and enjoy the same great experiences that they all did?”

The question of "why not?" was exactly what his main recruiter, offensive coordinator Brandon Doman, asked him, which prompted his commitment decision.

Dylan had been receiving a lot of attention from a lot of top Pac-12 programs, and was on the cusp of receiving some other offers. He decided to short-circuit his recruitment, however, as it became more and more apparent to him that there was no good reason not to go to BYU.

“I really didn’t have a good answer for Coach Doman when he asked me ‘why not?’ " he said. “It all made too much sense. I love the legacy of BYU’s program and where they’re headed. I want to be a part of it.”

His ties to the program don’t just end with his father and his two brothers. Growing up, he became best friends with another BYU receiver who will be coming home from his mission shortly.

“I’ve been best friends with Brett Thompson for a long time, and I love that we’re going to be able to play at BYU together,” he said. “I know a lot of the players there already. I know Ross Apo, Jake Heaps, Jordan Pendleton, Richard Wilson and other guys there, and they’re all great players. I want to go in there my first year, and just compete as hard as possible for a spot on the team. I want to contribute immediately.”

Dylan will be coached by new wide receivers coach Ben Cahoon, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’ve spent my summers in Provo for a long time now, and the past couple of summers, I’ve been able to work out with Coach Cahoon,” Collie said. “So yeah, I’m very familiar with him, and love how he teaches you, how he runs routes. He’s a great coach, and I couldn’t be more excited now that he’s the coach there, so I can learn from him even more. I couldn’t have a better receivers coach to learn from.”

Dylan has been able to learn from some of the best through the years, and knows what it takes to perform at the high level set forth by his elders.

“It’s all about hard work,” he said. “To be a Collie and to continue in that legacy means that you have to have the work ethic to do so. Work ethic comes with the Collie name. In watching my brothers practice, I know that no one practiced harder than they did, and fans all saw what that led to on the field. I know what it takes in being around them, and I have every intention of working as hard, and even harder than they did while I’m at BYU.”

Considering his stature, fans might be given to immediately plug him into the slot-receiving position. While he should prove fully capable of manning the slot, he insists that he has the goods to play at either outside receiving position.

“I know how to get open, I know how to complete my routes, and I know how to gain separation deep, just like Austin did,” he said. “I don’t have the ideal size or speed, but I’m one of the most complete receivers out there. I have very strong hands, and I know what it takes to be a productive player.”

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In the not-too-distant future, a new photo should be going up in the Collie household with the same title, "Collie Family Legacy." The new photo, however, will include four Collies and not just three.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be part of such an incredible program like BYU,” he said. “They have a great, young staff, a passionate fan base, and to have the chance to continue the family legacy on top of all that? It was just too good to pass up for sure. I feel like I’ve always been part of BYU’s program in a way, but now that it’s finally going to be a real thing, is something I couldn’t be more excited about.”