PROVO — Watching a football game on a cellphone or hooking the phone up to a high-definition TV is the wave of the future, and BYUtv plans to be surfing that swell in an effort to give BYU sports more exposure.

The university expects 140 BYU athletic events to air in HD over ESPN and BYUtv and a new Internet site scheduled to launch this summer. But the latest inventions in streaming video will bring action right to iPhones, iPads, the Xbox and other online streaming devices, according to Derek Marquis, managing director of BYUtv.

Right now, BYUtv has already aired sporting events in HD and that capability is already available over the air to HD sets without cable or dish contracts and to current subscribers of Comcast. There are talks with other cable providers and satellite companies that include DirectTV and DishNetwork to air BYUtv in HD on their respective platforms.

Those plans are best described as "moving forward" and many on campus expect more HD carriage providers will make capabilities official before the start of the 2011 football season. Every BYU football and basketball game will be available to BYU fans on either ESPN or BYUtv through television feeds or Internet streaming.

BYU and other HD carriage partners are cautious about making promises as to availability. The Deseret News has had many requests for clarification on dish company HD plans for BYUtv since a column ran on Sunday. But official word about launch dates are tough to pin down. BYU is currently in negotiations and discretion is needed to protect the process.

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The advent of cellphone apps for BYUtv will greatly enhance exposure and delivery using new technology, according to campus officials. And yes, you can wire those to your HD television and watch BYU sports.

Techno-savvy fans can hook streaming devices including computers and cellphones up to their HD television sets and see BYU sporting events that air on some ESPN channels or BYUtv.

BYU is also working with one of the most popular streaming device companies, Roku, to provide a BYUtv capability over the Internet just like Netflix. It is currently in Beta.


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