Another person has jumped aboard Mitt Romney's burgeoning presidential campaign — Mark DeMoss, deemed by the Christian Post as a "Southern Baptist media guru."

"(DeMoss) believes Christian voters mistakenly place theology over qualifications when they select a candidate for the presidency," Christian Post reporter Stephanie Samuel explained last week. "Shared theology, he noted, is a benchmark that many Christians only use inside the church or church ministry. … Based on what he has heard during his travels, DeMoss commented, 'I think more people, more evangelicals will get past [Romney's faith] in this election cycle than in the last election cycle.' Romney's popularity will likely grow since the top contender, Mike Huckabee, announced that he will not join the race for the presidency."

In 2008, DeMoss served as Romney's liaison to evangelical voters.

The new Christian Post analysis comes on the heels of more straightforward news pieces that appeared in major media outlets last week when Team Romney formally announced DeMoss had rejoined the fold. The Washington Post, for example, noted Wednesday that DeMoss is "a former aide to Rev. Jerry Fallwell."

Also last week, the Boston Globe caught upwith DeMoss and asked him what his role will be within Romney's 2012 campaign.

" 'I'll reach out to evangelicals I'm sure, because I know that audience pretty well,' he said. 'I'll help organize meetings, to get people of influence in front of the governor or get him in front of them.' He said no such meetings have taken place so far this year, but that he'll begin arranging them soon."

DeMoss started the Civility Project in 2009, in part because of the way he thought Romney's Mormonism was treated unfairly by evangelicals. He ended the project after two years because of a lack of enthusiasm from politicians to sign onto a civility pledge.

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