Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Utah Jazz Coach Tyrone Corbin speaks to the media in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 14, 2011.

For a moment, Corbin — and the rest of the organization and fans watching — thought the team just might snatch the No. 1 overall pick for the upcoming NBA Draft. Utah moved from No. 6 to the third spot, which had Corbin grinning from ear to ear during a season-ticket holders event and, yes, even while being interviewed by media after the lottery wrapped up. Here are five Q&A highlights — ranging from the draft lottery to, you guessed, The Jimmer — that came from Corbin's first chat with local reporters, including the D-News' Jazz beat writer Jody Genessy, since Utah ended the 2010-11 season:

Q: Did winning the No. 3 pick in the draft lottery give a needed jolt of enthusiasm and energy to the franchise?

A: It's a boost for everybody involved, and I hope our players look at it as a boost, because we get a chance to get a guy that we can put on the floor that's going to make everybody better. (He is) going to make individually all the guys on the team work on the floor because it's a guy that's going to come in and have a chance to take your position. That's what we're looking for one through 12 — everybody come in and compete and the best guys will be on the floor.

Q: Does your stroke of fortune help validate the Deron Williams deal even more?

A: We've gotten two No. 3 picks (Derrick Favors from New Jersey and one on June 23). We've got Devin Harris, who's a great guy for us, and we have another opportunity to get another high pick next year. You lose a guy like Deron and it's tough to replace him, because he's such a tremendous player and he's been such a good guy for this organization. He's done some great things for us. But we're coming back with the guys that we got for him in the trade and the new guys that we can add because of the pick. It's going to be a tremendous pick for us and hopefully we can get better sooner than not.

Q: General manager Kevin O'Connor joked when it comes to this high draft selection that he and the organization "better not screw it up." How much added pressure is there on the franchise with such a rare top-three pick?

A: I don't think they'll screw it up. The pressure's on me not to screw it up once we get the good guy. They (O'Connor and the scouting staff) do a tremendous job. I don't think screwing up will be anything that they would do because they've done such a tremendous job in the past, and I feel very confident they'll continue to do that.

We have a chance to get a great kid. I'm looking forward to who we get and having an opportunity to work with him.

Q: Do you imagine you'll get asked about Jimmer Fredette over the next month for that No. 12 pick?

A: How many more times? (Laughs.) To his credit, he's had a tremendous year. The kid's worked his butt off to continue to get better. I'm happy the accolades he's gotten this year, the recognition he's got and to be mentioned in this arena as a top first-round pick — or wherever he may fall — I think is a tremendous achievement for him. I wish him the best. Whatever works out for him, I wish him the best. He deserves it because he's worked his butt off.

He's a local kid that's created a lot of excitement around here and to get a chance to see him against the other guys in Chicago and then hopefully get an opportunity to bring him in here and work out on the floor with some guys will be good.

Q: This was a pretty big week for not just the Jazz, but the whole Corbin family with your son, Mr. Basketball Tyrell Corbin, finally picking a college, wasn't it?

A: I'm happy for him. He's going to UC-Davis. I'm happy he had a chance to pick a school. It was a good fit for him. It's a great academic school. (Former Jazz guard) Jimmy Les, who I know, will be his head coach. I feel very comfortable with (Tyrell) playing for him. I think he's a good man. He'll have some great experiences around him. I look forward to seeing him play on another level.

(Corbin was also asked about things not panning out between his son and the University of Utah.) I would love to have a chance to go up the hill and watch him play a little bit, but it didn't work out. It's for the best. This will be a good opportunity for him. I wish everybody else (well), and Tyrell's happy with the way he decided to go.