Yes, there is a spring break for young single Mormons.

Rather than congregating to Cancun or the Jersey shore, thousands of LDS singles will flock to Duck Beach, N.C. to heed the call of spring break over Memorial Day weekend.

Every year the small North Carolina beach town hosts a throng of single Mormons renting houses on the shore where they will party and mingle. Unlike "traditional" spring breaks, the parties are as dry as the sand on the beach.

Word of the activity makes its way around the Mormon community, but it isn't sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The unusual spring break attracted the attention of a team of New York filmmakers who want to document the Mormon mating game.

The team will follow four singles heading to the event to see the unconventional spring phenomenon through their eyes. The movie will explore "what it means to be single and Mormon at an age where, according to the culture, you should have been married long ago," according to the team's page at

Stephen Frandsen, a member of the New York-based team, is a practicing Mormon who got the idea for the documentary from his non-LDS colleague.

"It's filled with built-in conflict, which makes it a great story," Frandsen told The Daily Beast. "These people are trying to live faithful, chaste lives in modern America…and that isn't always easy, especially when you put them in a spring break setting."

The film will target the people rather than being a lesson on "Mormonism."

"Let the viewers go to other sources for Mormonism 101," Frandsen told the LDS blog Times and Season.

The team was surprised to meet backlash from the LDS single community who attend the event.

"It seemed some Mormon singles didn't want the Duck Beach story told, or at least they wanted something presented that didn't highlight any of the complexities or problems Mormon singles face," said Frandsen on the Mormon blog By Common Consent.