Like his father, Mitt Romney is fast becoming a footnote in presidential politics. To gain credibility in his bid for the Republican nomination in the 1960s, George Romney made a visit to Vietnam. Upon returning to the U.S., he made a dumb statement saying he had been brainwashed by the U.S. generals during their briefings on the war. His opponents used this statement against him saying that the U.S. can't elect such a weak minded person as president. He never won the nomination.

Mitt Romney has made an equally dumb statement defending his Massachusetts medical care plan which, like Obamacare, mandates that everyone buy health insurance. Mitt's distinction that each state should choose its own plan will not resonate with the Republican party and particularly the tea party, who are making Obamacare a major issue in the 2012 election. Romneycare and Obamacare appear to be too similar. With this statement, Mitt has cooked his goose and his chances for the nomination.

Rob Routsong

St. George