The first outbound call from Mitt Romney's much-anticipated National Call Day went out Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. MDT.

By the time the final phone call is made Monday night from Team Romney's base at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the former Massachusetts governor is widely expected to have several million dollars of new funds in his campaign coffers.

"This sends a statement across the nation that we're serious and that this campaign is going to be successful," Romney said Monday in a conference call to his political backers.

This year's National Call Day mirrors a similar one-day fundraiser Team Romney held in January 2007 that raised more than $6.5 million. In both instances, the heavy haul from a day's worth of phone calls went to Romney's presidential exploratory committee.

Last week the Boston Globe summarized the underlying strategy behind the National Call Day based out of the Las Vegas Convention Center: "Mitt Romney is planning to make a show of force … expecting to bring in around 800 supporters to place calls around the country and display one of the most important attributes for his emerging campaign: raising money."

BYU alumnus and Romney for President finance manager Trent Christensen conducted the conference call on which Romney spoke.

"The press right now, they're looking for something," Christensen said on the group call. "They want to see who has support … and there's no real definite, 'This is the leader.' But now, at the end of today, they're going to see a huge number posted by our team and that's really going to show them who the top player is in this Republican field."

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