This is in response to Sandra Yi's recent article ("Utahns will now get more bang for their fireworks bucks," May 3).

We can now buy fireworks that have four to five times the power and 10 times the height as last year, and we can light them off on more days. We keep passing laws to protect our children: buckle up, no texting, wear your helmet, use proper child seats, etc.

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Now we have a law that makes it easier to blind, burn or maim our children; start more fires; and add more pollution to the air and debris to the streets. Will our lawmakers be providing more animal shelters for those pets who are terrified of fireworks and lost?

Maybe we can have a law that emergency centers have to stay open later in the night. Interesting what Joee Witter with Phantom Fireworks said, "If these are lit off in the wrong place, like under a carport or under the tree out in front of your street, it could be disastrous." He knows something we should be paying attention to.

I wonder if fireworks will be sold in Herriman this year?

Nancy Hollingworth

Salt Lake City