Jon Huntsman Jr.'s professional life grew increasingly tedious after he informed his boss he was quitting the U.S. ambassadorship to China to investigate the possibility of taking his boss's job.

That's the story McKay Coppins is reporting over at The Daily Beast. Coppins quotes an anonymous source within the American embassy in China who provides specifics about how Huntsman came under "greater scrutiny than he would have otherwise been" after informing Pres. Barack Obama in January that he'd be stepping down as ambassador, effective April 30.

"According to the official, who was not a political appointee, the administration began micromanaging Huntsman's schedule, canceling media appearances and carefully vetting his public remarks. The source specifically noted a major education speech in Shanghai that was heavily scrutinized by administration officials 'to make sure it was kosher.'"

Some other Huntsman buzz: in a piece published Wednesday morning, ABC News cites White House sources who say the former Utah governor is the Republican that "President Obama would least like to face in 2012."


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