Brian Nicholson, El Observador de Utah
Lupita Archuleta, mother of "American Idol" star David Archuleta, will sing at Karamba in Sugar House Friday.

Lupita Archuleta, mother of singing sensation David Archuleta, will perform at Club Karamba on Friday, May 6, at 9 p.m.

"I want people to know my love for music and also enjoy a night of Latinos rhythms," Lupita Archuleta said in an interview with El Observador de Utah.

Archuleta was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, as the youngest of four sisters. She has enjoyed singing, dancing and giving musical performances since she was little.

"I have always been surrounded by music and have taken advantage of every opportunity that has come my way to participate with my musical talent," she said. "My sisters and I had a musical group, and I was the lead singer in almost all of the songs we sang."

When Archuleta was 14 years old, her parents, seeking a better life for their daughters, immigrated to Miami. The girls adapted quickly to the community and school activities and formed the group Las Hermanas Mayorga.

"My dream was to be a singer, but I dedicated my time to being a mother and I don't look back, because God has given me five fabulous children," she said. "God has given us talents, and we have to develop them. My talent has always been there, and I have taken advantage of it every moment of my life.

"God blessed me with talented children who also love music. Our effort has given us fruits. David is a blessing to the family because he has taken the musical talent of the family to the world."

Archuleta has helped her children develop those musical abilities. In his book "Chords of Strength," David Archuleta wrote about finding "opportunities to sing together to our relatives and neighbors during the holidays and when visiting nursing homes."

Lupita Archuleta says music has been like another child, and she's looking forward to her performance.

El Observador de Utah asked her how she felt to be the mother of a famous pop singer.

"As parents, we sacrifice to give our children the best," she said. "I love each of my children equally and admire their talents and individual characteristics. I feel very proud of David because his hard work and dedication have taken him to where he is now. His fame hasn't gone to his head."