The class of 2011 had one of the toughest admission seasons yet. Many Ivy League colleges accepted less than 10 percent of applicants this year including ones like Harvard, with a record low of 6.2 percent admission, and Columbia University, at 6.9 percent, according to the Hernandez College Consulting website.

Yet for those who got rejected from their top choice this year or who are about to graduate and haven't yet applied to college, there are still some opportunities to go to some great schools.

TIME reported on Thursday that there are more than 280 schools both nationally and internationally that are still accepting students — either transfer or freshman — for the fall of 2011. These include colleges like the University of Arizona, Oregon State and Texas A&M at Commerce.

The list, provided by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, can be searched according to state or country. The contact information is given for each college, and students are told to contact the college directly about how to apply. It also tells you if the school is private or public, if there is housing at the school and if there is financial aid available. Community colleges are not listed on the site.

Holly Braithwaite, spokeswoman for the Utah System of Higher Education, said there are several Utah schools that are still accepting students. Southern Utah University's application deadline was May 1, but the website says the college may still accept some applicants for the fall with a $10 late fee. Utah Valley University's deadline is Aug. 15, but it will accept students up through the first day of the semester with a $100 late fee. Weber State University may accept students for fall admission as late as two weeks into the first semester, said John Kowalewski, spokesman for the school.

Westminster College has a rolling admission, and Snow, Dixie State and Salt Lake Community Colleges have continuous enrollment.

Both the University of Utah and Utah State University's application deadlines for freshmen closed on April 1.