SANDY — Sold out didn't necessarily mean fans couldn't buy tickets for Wednesday night's CONCACAF final at Rio Tinto Stadium. It did mean they had to negotiate with scalpers who were pretty committed to holding out for their asking price.

It was definitely a sellers market as most who actually bought tickets paid what sellers were asking. Two hours before the game, one man paid $220 each for two lower bowl seats. As game time drew near, those who were serious about getting a seat reluctantly paid four or five times the $20 face value for tickets.

Just minutes before the game, scalpers had mostly single tickets in Rio Tinto's nose-bleed sections.

Several asked $100 for the singles, while one proactive fan waved $50 in cash and yelled to the scalpers in hopes they would accept his bid. A few minutes after the match began, he still had no takers.

While the line for Real gear was long, those selling Monterrey memorabilia were having a tougher time moving their products. One entrepreneur came from Los Angeles to sell flags and noisemakers, but there weren't an abundance of Monterrey fans to entice. In fact, about 90 percent of those who managed to get tickets were cheering for the home team.


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