TOKYO — Six weeks after being evacuated in the wake of Japan's magnitude-9.0 earthquake, ensuing tsunami and subsequent radiation catastrophe, Mormon missionaries will begin returning to some of the safer areas within the LDS Church's Japan Tokyo and Japan Sendai missions.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported Wednesday that missionaries will begin to be transferred into areas deemed safe, with others to follow as conditions continue to improve.

Those returning to the Japan Tokyo Mission will be serving in areas south and west of Tokyo; those returning to the Japan Sendai Mission will be relocated to the northern tip and western side of Honshu, Japan's largest and main island.

In the days after the March 11 triple disaster along Japan's northeastern coast, some 200 LDS missionaries from the two most-affected missions were evacuated to other church missions in the country well beyond any danger zones.

The LDS Church relocated the missionaries because of concerns over limited food, power shortages and radiation leaks from damaged nuclear power plants, with the evacuation allowing all available resources to be directed toward local residents.

The church also continues to assist the people of Japan through monetary donations, supplies and service by its Japanese members.