Timothy R. Clark's April 12 article concerning the "level-headed Oracle of Omaha," Warren Buffett, was interesting reading. The problem is that when Clark lauds the third-richest man in the world as "a liver of a modest life" who is "totally lacking the embarrassment of riches," a man whose "life is not about feeding the pleasure center of the brain," and "one who hasn't become rapacious and self-aggrandizing," he is wrong. Warren Buffett's decades long affair with his wife-sanctioned mistress, Astrid Menks, disqualifies him from Clark's adulation and ring kissing.

Buffett simply joined with some of the other super-rich club whose moral probity plummets as the value of their net assets soar into the stratosphere. My advice to Mr. Clark: Paint Warren Buffett as the quirky, generous, investing genius that he is, but don't draw him as a saint.

Dennis Jacobsen

Salt Lake City