The Earth Day Network shows over 102 million people have pledged to help save the planet. What is Utah doing to be Earth friendly? What can Utahns do to be earth friendly?

Landfills, including locations in Salt Lake City, Davis County and Orem sell mulch, which is "made" from green waste, such as shrubs, grass, flower cutting and hedging.

Included in Salt Lake City providing weekly garbage collection from residential homes is a whole trash bin given to each resident for recycling.

Green living Community is a website and blog that offers a " place for those with a passion for the environment and living a greener life."

And different Utah websites offer ideas for going green at home, such as properly insulating your home in order to reduce the use of heating and cooling systems or planting more trees.

Renewable energy is also going to become a growing trend in Utah in the next few years, according to an article in Business Week, "Renewable energy will expand as an industry by combining natural resources and embracing research, attendees at an industry conference were told Tuesday."

And on April 19, Gov. Gary Herbert spoke at a Utah Renewable Energy Conference , saying, "For Utah's future — for its economic growth, well-being and quality of life — energy development and sustainability is really a key part of what we can do in Utah."

Utah is celebrating Earth Day this weekend with events such as "Party for the Planet" and "Earth Jam."

And statewide, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality is encouraging Utahns to take advantage of free disposal of mercury products such as old thermometers, old chemistry sets and thermostats" during all of these Earth Day events.

Universities in Utah are celebrating Earth Day, too. Utah State University will unveil the first-of-its-kind solar-powered environmental observatory today.

And the University of Utah has celebrated Earth Day all week with different events.