Reports say Jimmer Fredette has been asked by BYU to finish his classes online, because his presence on campus was a distraction.

One related story said Fredette often wears a hoodie and avoids eye contact when he goes out in Provo.

You mean like the last days of Gary Crowton?


As an ESPN personality, Urban Meyer visited several campuses during spring football, including the University of Utah.

When talk got around to the non-conference schedule, Ute coach Kyle Whittingham mentioned playing against "Brigham Young," to which Meyer said, "You said that name. I still can't say it."

"It's my alma mater," Whittingham said.

Considering Meyer spent six years at Florida, isn't it about time he forgot about BYU and started calling Miami the team down south?


Good old Jimmy Mac, BYU's perpetual bad boy.

Jim McMahon appeared on ESPN's Mike and Mike show last week. Asked how he got around the honor code when he was a player, McMahon quipped, "You had to find girls that kept their mouth shut, I guess."

Something Mad Mac himself was never too good at ...


It was an uncharacteristically early exit for the Jazz this season, since they didn't make the playoffs.

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Yet the locker room clean-out was fairly upbeat. Part of that was because the Jazz won their season finale against Denver. Another reason is because the oft-dour Deron Williams wasn't around to toss a wet blanket over the proceedings.

Here's to worse teams but better locker clean-outs.


To the joy of weekend hackers everywhere, Kevin Na carded an all-time PGA record 16 on a par-4 hole at the Texas Open last week.

Na was overheard saying to his caddie, "How we going to count all the shots?"

Um, calculator?


Researchers claim to have developed an iPhone that can be dialed just by using one's brainwaves.

Is there any chance that technology could be used to get Kyrylo Fesenko motivated?


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