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LEHTIKUVA, Pekka Sakki) FINLAND OUT NO SALES, Associated Press
Timo Soni, leader of the opposition True Finns party, is surrounded by press as he casts his vote in Finland's parliamentary elections in a school in Espoo, Finland on Sunday April 17, 2011. The nationalist party that rejects bailouts for Portugal and other debt-ridden eurozone members is expected to make strong gains in Finland's election Sunday but remains unlikely to join the next government, according to a series of recent polls.

HELSINKI — Polls have closed in Finland's parliamentary election, with early results showing the conservatives in the lead and big gains for a nationalist party that wants to block bailouts for Portugal and other cash-strapped eurozone members.

With about one-third of votes counted, the conservative National Coalition Party — part of the current center-right government — was in the lead with 20 percent, just ahead of the opposition Social Democrats.

The nationalist True Finns, who don't see why Finland should rescue Europe's debt-ridden economies, were in third place with almost 19 percent.

Full official results were expected later Sunday.

The rise of the True Finns has rattled nerves in the 17-member eurozone where bailout funds require unanimous approval.