Mike Terry, Deseret News
Utah Grizzlies captain Simon Ferguson entered Saturday's game as the league's leading scorer in this year's ECHL playoffs.

Simon Ferguson has been a professional hockey player for 10 years, playing for 10 different teams along the way. At age 28, he is the second-oldest player on the Utah Grizzlies and one of the older players in the ECHL. After being the third-leading scorer for the Grizzlies during the regular season, he leads the team and the league in points with 10. He also led the team in penalty minutes this year. He took some time with Mike Sorensen to talk about hockey as the Grizzlies participate in the second round of the ECHL playoffs against the Victoria Salmon Kings.

Question: Last year you were part of championship team with Hershey in the American Hockey League. How can that experience help you and your team?

Answer: "Just letting my teammates know that it's going to be war the whole way. But we've got other guys who have won some championships, so it's a good mix of guys here with leadership and young guys. We can be as good as we make it. We've got a good team and if we show up every night and outwork the other team, then hopefully the results will be with us. We need to score more goals than them and play better defense. Usually the team that makes the least amount of mistakes ends up winning."

Question: As the leading scorer in the league during the playoffs so far, what has been the key to your recent output?

Answer: "Definitely, my line mates have helped and the discipline that our team has been playing with plus we've had a lot of power play opportunities. When you play with guys like Kevin Deeth, Matt Reber and Brett Parnham, you're going to get points. You give them the puck, they're going to put it in."

Question: You've been known to want to mix it up with opposing players and aren't afraid to get in fights. Would you rather have a goal or a knockout?

Answer: Oh, a goal for sure. I play a pretty physical game and I try to bring intensity and sometimes I get into a skirmish. You've got to stand up for your teammates. But ideally I don't want to be going to the box too much."

Question:You won't be able to play in the ECHL much longer. What are you future plans in hockey?

Answer: Hopefully we'll have a good run and I'll get some notice and go over and play in Europe somewhere. There's more money for not playing in the NHL there, more opportunity that way. If not, this may be it. We'll see.

Question: How have you enjoyed your time in Utah and what do you do when you're not playing hockey?

Answer: It's great. You wake up and see the mountains every morning. The weather isn't too bad here, just a little wind here and there. I do a lot of mountain biking and camping in the summer and like to be active outside. During the winter I play a lot of video games."