Mitt Romney is full of surprises.

Romney's decision to form a presidential exploratory committee is no big surprise — but the timing of his Monday announcement induced more than a few furrowed brows.

As NBC News points out, today is the fifth anniversary of then-Gov. Romney's signing of the Massachusetts healthcare reform law that has been such a thorn in his side of late. "It may be fitting that Romney jumped into the presidential waters so close to that anniversary, because Massachusetts' law will define his primary candidacy. He either figures out how to navigate and wins the nomination, or the issue kills his chances. It may be that simple."

The Wall Street Journal reports that Democrats are using Twitter to take advantage of the healthcare anniversary and disparage Romney's candidacy. "Hundreds of people have responded to promptings from the Democratic National Committee and Democratic state operations in Massachusetts and across New England to flood Twitter with notes thanking Mr. Romney for being "the founding father of health care reform" and the inspiration behind Obamacare."

In New Hampshire, where the early Republican primary is crucial to Romney's presidential hopes, the Boston Globe has "Democrats and health care advocates are gathering in Concord Tuesday to thank Romney for overseeing the health care law enacted in Massachusetts that's similar to President Barack Obama's national health overhaul."

The New York Times' take on all the fuss being generated over Romney's big anniversary: the fact that so many groups are gunning for him just proves that he's the clear GOP frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.