Getting called out for being in cahoots with Glenn Beck? Rep. Jason Chaffetz couldn't be less offended, and in fact he's "honored" to be mentioned in the same conversation as Beck, who has agreed to divorce Fox News.

Earlier this week the nonprofit media watchdog Political Correction labeled Chaffetz "Glenn Beck's favorite congressman" and "chairman of Glenn Beck's oversight committee" (the latter term referencing Chaffetz's ability to call oversight investigations in his capacity as chairman of the House's Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense, and Foreign Operations). When contacted Tuesday at the U.S. capitol and informed of the attempted disparagement, Chaffetz turned the tables on his critics by treating Political Correction's comments as a compliment.

"I'm honored," Chaffetz said. "I have the greatest respect for Glenn Beck. I think he's a true patriot and somebody I admire and enjoy interacting with."

Chaffetz is well known for his media accessibility — during the last two days, for instance, he has appeared on MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News Radio and CNN.

"The people of Utah didn't elect me to go hire a spokesperson — I'm supposed to be the spokesperson," he explained. "There are 435 members in the House; to try and break out of that group and have a voice that can affect legislation is one of my goals. My job is to be as influential for Utah as I possibly can."

The Utah Congressman's fondness for Beck, though, exceeds perfunctory professional cordiality.

"He's passionate and fired up about what he believes in," Chaffetz said about the syndicated radio host and Fox News personality. "He's driven by principle, and I think a lot of people are impressed by that — I am. He stands up for what's right.

"In the past I've called him 'the Great Educator' because he reflects a lot on history to learn about where we're going in the future. Very few do that, and so there's a lot to learn from what he presents."