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This 1913 image shows phone company employees outside the office on their motorcycles and in their horse drawn wagons.__President David O. McKay speaks during dedication of the Relief Society Building in 1955.__C. R. Savage photo of early Salt Lake City submitted by Lester Dickey of Spanish Fork.

This photo story each week, is all about discovery. Today we feature several images sent in by the readers of the Deseret News.

Three weeks ago our story was about early telephones and communication in Utah. One of our readers, Ann Kronmiller of Springville, sent in a scanned photo of her grandfather's place of business, the Mountain Bell Telephone Company. The image from 1913 shows all of the phone companies employees outside the office on their motorcycles and in their horse drawn wagons. It was another time and another era. Kronmiller later donated the photo to the Utah State Historical Society, so others can enjoy the image.

Clarence Kemp of Layton sent photographs of the dedication of the Relief Society Building in 1955. These are wonderful color images of that event. Kemp's grandmother was Belle Spafford President of Relief Society.

In the weeks to come we will have on our website color home movies that were sent in by another reader. Those movies show a University of Utah Football game and General Conference in 1938 — before Europe and America went to war. There is also a film of the construction of the Los Angeles Temple and several other church sites. This family chose to donate these films to the Church History Library who digitized them.

The Church History Library also has early film from the Clawson Brothers, showing life in Utah from 1912 to 1935. It is a real treasure to watch Joseph F. Smith walking around the temple and then to see a later film of his casket being taken out of the Beehive house to his last resting place. The collection also captures 24th of July parades, and Boy Scout events in southern Utah. There is also Heber J. Grant walking with the Crown Prince of Sweden and meeting with Utah Governor George H. Dern on the capitol steps in 1926.

Each week as this story is prepared we take a glimpse into Utah life in the not too distant past to all the way back to the mid 19th Century. Opening files, and scanning negatives is exciting. We get to share great photos with you, including some that were probably never meant to be seen.

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You get to see images of presidents, church leaders, kings and queens, crimes, fires, people shopping, families going to events and Holidays, tragedies, homecomings — all of life at its best and worst. All these images inspire emotion; the photographs at the Deseret News have been clicking away since the turn of the Century. Their job is to deliver to you the reader the action and the writers to convey the story.

We again invite you to send us your photos, which others would enjoy. If you have captured a photo of a great community event, or the opening of some attraction, we encourage you to join in and submit your old photos to us here at the Deseret News at Utahhistoryphotos@gmail.com.

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