Is there anyone else besides me who thinks the NCAA basketball tournament is a waste of time?

It is so crazy to pick a national champion by having teams play each other. I think a few strong conferences should get together and form a Basketball Championship Series. They could call it the BCS. They could come up with some obscure formula for ranking teams that no one understands. Then pick Ohio State to play Kansas for the championship. Instant champ.

We wouldn't have to watch all these close games that are won by a shot at the buzzer. Not to mention the overtime games. Who wants to see those? Think of all the time saved if we didn't have to fill out bracket sheets. The worst part is all those little schools like Butler and VCU thinking they deserve a shot at the championship just because they can beat a team on the court. Don't they know that history and tradition are more important than actually winning a game?

They have the misconception that scoring more points than a higher ranked team means something. Basketball needs to determine a champion by having a few guys getting together and picking the 2 teams that will put the most money in their pockets and not all this stuff like who wins.

Dave Glauser

Salt Lake City