Questions Unanswered

NCAA Tournament analyzing can become obsessive as the media hash over the details, both big and small. For instance, these questions were posed during BYU's post-game interview session last week:

"Jimmer, we noticed (trainer) Rob Ramos was working on your calf during the game. Was that an injury during the game?"

"Tell us about your (cut) chin."

"Is it still bleeding?"

Need-to-know stuff like that.

Then there were the questions Rock On wanted to ask but didn't:

"Jimmer, we noticed before the game that you had a few flakes of dandruff on your sport coat. How did that affect your shooting performance?"

"Jimmer, how far is it from Rhovanion to Mordor?"

"Jimmer, is it true your parents originally wanted to name you 'Skippy'?"

Next Time

Strange how teams prosper after their star departs. Butler is in the Final Four, sans Gordon Hayward. Utah made the championship game in 1998, a year after Keith Van Horn left. Cincinnati won titles in 1961 and '62, the two seasons after Oscar Robertson went bye-bye.

So losing Fredette is actually no big deal for BYU. It can always find another one of him … eventually.

Headline in the November 10, 2032, Glens Falls (N.Y.) Chronicle: "Jimmer Fredette Jr. signs with BYU; Cougars look to return to Sweet 16 for first time since 2011."

Party On

Those familiar with French Quarter traditions will be interested in a sign held up during BYU's Sweet 16 game against Florida at New Orleans Arena: "Jimmer, throw me some beads."

Sources say the honor code office is checking surveillance videos.

Going Green

NFL owners have adopted a rule prohibiting teams from using any field color except green.

There goes that pipeline to all those great players at Eastern Washington.


Seattle Times columnist Dwight Perry on his city's ranking among America's happiest large cities: "Seattle came in 80th, but then, we're still basking in the afterglow of our latest WNBA championship."

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