SALT LAKE CITY — On Saturday night, Al Jefferson declined to comment about his late ejection from the Dallas game moments after his early shower.

Two days later, Big Al really didn't want to revisit getting tossed after receiving one technical for cursing and another for mockingly clapping in the face of a referee.

"I'm trying to move past it," Jefferson said after Monday's shootaround. "But y'all keep asking me about it."

So, what happened?

"That's just the way I felt," Jefferson said. "I didn't lose control. I didn't snap. I knew exactly what I was doing. That's the way I felt at that time.

"The only thing I regret," he added, "is my grandmother (seeing it on TV), because she going to be very upset with me because I probably used some words I shouldn't have used on camera. She's not someone you want to play with."

Coach Tyrone Corbin addressed both Jefferson and the Jazz about keeping their cool — something Utah's center has done for most of the season. Jefferson has only received four technicals all year, including Saturday's pair.

Still, Corbin thought he needed to discuss the display of frustration.

"It went well. He understood the point of view that we talked about. He was frustrated about it," Corbin said. "He said it's not who he is. It just went too far."

And the rookie coach's message to his team?

"That's not who we are. We're disappointed," Corbin said. "If you happen to get a tech, get the tech and get it over with. Don't drag it out and make it look like a spectacle out there."

After trying to joke his way out of discussing the situation, Jefferson talked about a different message he received from his coach.

"He said something to me about it, but I really forgot," Jefferson said. "It was just like, don't make a big deal about it because y'all (media) was going to ask questions and try to get me into that, get me to say a lot of things that I shouldn't say. He said don't feed into it."

Corbin believes it was an isolated incident, so he isn't concerned that Jefferson has taken the situation lightly with the media. (When first asked about it Monday, Jefferson said "You just like bringing it up, huh?" and added, "What happened Saturday?")

"What else can you do? It is what it is," Corbin said. "If he was to be reprimanded by the league any more than the ($5,000) he got fined, then he'll deal with that. But you can't get it back. We'll move forward. We addressed it, and I don't expect it to happen anymore."

An NBA spokesman told the Deseret News that the league will not delve deeper into Jefferson's incident, so he will not risk suspension or further punishment.

NOT-SO-FUNNY BONE: Andrei Kirilenko missed his third consecutive game with a bruised peroneal nerve in his left knee.

Kirilenko compared the bizarre sensation in his knee to the tingling you get when taking your leg out of an ice bucket or hitting your funny bone. It's prevented him from doing much but walking with crutches and elevating his leg.

"It's kind of a little bit funny pain, which is not fun," Kirilenko said. "It's weird. … I'd never even felt those feelings before. It's like constantly you've got numbness, kind of like paralyzed a little bit."

Kirilenko, who could only have seven games as a Jazzman remaining, hopes to begin stepping up the rehab process today.

"I'm going to be smart definitely about it," Kirilenko said. "But as soon as I'm ready, I'm going to be back."

TOUGH REHAB: Devin Harris also hopes to return soon after missing the past four-plus games with a strained right hamstring.

The point guard was scheduled to visit a doctor in hopes of getting the green light to increase his activity. He might start water rehab soon.

"I'm just trying to get back on the court, just to do some basketball stuff," Harris said. "I'm sick of the hot tubs and massages."


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