Monday morning's print edition of the Deseret News looks different — with good reason.

We've redesigned your Deseret News.

The new layout and format is likely the most-readily seen — but not the most important — evidence of our continuing and long-standing commitment to "to provide (content for) the best interest, welfare, pleasure and amusement of our fellow citizens."

That statement is how founding editor and publisher Willard Richards defined the purpose of the Deseret News when he started the newspaper in 1850.

It is with the depth beyond the design that we intend to hold true to Richards' vision.

That depth includes a continuing, and foundational, commitment that, no matter the delivery vehicle — print or digital — we will engage with you in the values, perspective and insight that help all of us navigate an often-confusing and sometimes-frustrating world.

So today we offer:

A redesigned newspaper — with bolder display, easier navigation, better access to more information and a more pleasant, more appealing look.

Increasingly relevant content that intersects with your life.

Included in that content will be:

A "Faith" section focusing on how issues of faith — not necessarily religion — interact in the public square. This every-Saturday section will engage people of all faiths — those at the pulpit and those in the pews — in a civil and constructive dialogue.

A "Family" section in which unique voices will celebrate the family, acknowledge the challenges of family life and create a dialogue to enhance family life. In a world where families can feel under siege, the Deseret News will be an advocate and a resource for fortification.

Beyond those new sections, the Deseret News will continue to provide thorough coverage of local news; in-depth exploration of issues ranging from education to financial health to values-based entertainment to caring for the poor; and civil, insightful and reasoned analysis and opinion on critical issues.

In the coming weeks and months, we also invite you to look for a new Deseret News iPhone and iPad application — allowing you easy access to our content wherever you are — and a newly redesigned web page.

It is a continuation of our commitment stretching back more than 160 years.

In March 1847 — while still encamped at Winter Quarters and some four months before they would complete their arduous trek to the Salt Lake Valley — Mormon pioneer leaders sent William W. Phelps east, not west. The reason he wasn't immediately joining his colleagues going west? He was asked to secure a printing press.

In August 1849, that press arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. Less than a year later, on June 15, 1850, the first issue of the Deseret News, holding itself "responsible to the highest court of truth for our intentions and the highest court of equity for our execution" was first published.

That pioneering heritage is firmly rooted in our vision for the future.