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The DVD debut of a television series based on "The Last of the Mohicans" and the second season of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" lead these shows that have arrived on DVD this week.

"Hawkeye: The First Frontier: The Complete Series" (Mill Creek, 1994-95, four discs, $14.98). Actually, the series itself is simply titled "Hawkeye," and "The Last of the Mohicans" is merely the most famous of James Fenimore Cooper's "Leatherstocking Tales" about frontiersman Natty Bumpo, known as Hawkeye, and his companion Chingachook.

Lee Horsley is serviceable as Hawkeye and Rodney A. Grant (most famous as Wind in His Hair in "Dances With Wolves") is great as Chingachgook, while Lynda Carter provides sex appeal as Hawkeye's love interest, Elizabeth Shields, a much more fully clothed character than her most famous role, "Wonder Woman."

The stories are entertaining, and the show takes advantage of the gorgeous Canadian locations. It's an old-fashioned throwback for fans of the genre. Guests include James Cromwell, Tom Cavanagh and Edward Albert.

Extras: full frame, 23 episodes

"Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Second Season" (Warner, 1984-85, five discs, $39.98). Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner are mismatched spies in this comic adventure series, trading quips while saving the world.

The stars are appealing together, which helps lift the show from the crowded genre landscape, as they strive for a Nick & Nora Charles vibe. And they get married this season — well, sort of. Guests include Jean Stapleton, John Rhys-Davies and pre-"Seinfeld" Michael Richards.

Extras: full frame, 23 episodes

"Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Best of Season One" (Mill Creek, 1969-70, two discs, $9.98). This collection of episodes from the beloved series features Robert Young as the stately physician of the title, James Brolin as his impetuous partner and Elena Verdugo as their reliable receptionist.

Solid episodes from a stalwart show about the kind of doctors we'd all like to have. Guests include Richard Thomas and Anne Baxter.

Extras: full frame, 10 episodes

"The Bill Cosby Show: The Best of Season One" (Mill Creek, 1969-70, $9.98). This is NOT "The Cosby Show"; it's the series that preceded that one, with a much younger Cosby as a gym teacher in an urban Los Angeles high school. And it's quite good in its own right. Guests include Henry Fonda, Louis Gossett Jr., Cicely Tyson, Elsa Lanchester and a pre-"M*A*S*H" Mike Farrell.

Extras: full frame, 10 episodes

"The Revolutionary War: Heroes & Battles" (Mill Creek, 2006-08, $9..98). Four documentaries with re-creations: "The Battle of Cooch's Bridge," "The Battle of Green Spring," "Yorktown, Battle for Victory" and "Von Steuben's Continentals: The First American Army."

Extras: widescreen, four films

"The Last Voices of WWI: A Generation Lost" (Mill Creek, 2008, two discs, $9.98). Documentary miniseries with testimonials from more than 100 veterans of World War I.

Extras: widescreen, six episodes

"WWII: The War That Changed the World" (Mill Creek, 11 discs, $29.98). Five documentary miniseries are included here: "The Dawn of War," "The Fight for Freedom," "War in the Pacific," "Hitler: The Untold Story" and "WWII Remembered."

Extras: full frame/widescreen, 68 episodes

"America's Wars" (Mill Creek, 12 discs, $29.98). Documentary programs included here are "American Soldier: The Complete History of U.S. Wars," "WWI: The War to End All Wars," "WWII Remembered: A Complete History," "Victory By Air," "Korea: the Forgotten War" and "Vietnam War Stories."

Extras: full frame/widescreen, 61 episodes

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