NEW ORLEANS — BYU fans were having some fun in the stands before Thursday night's game against the Gators.

Several waved posters: "Jimmer Gras." One shouted at Florida cheerleaders, "Jimmer's a better Christian than Tim Tebow!"

But Florida fans were bolstered by a Twitter dispatch sent by the greatest Gator of all leading up to Thursday's game.

"I'm a big fan of Jimmer," tweeted Tebow, their former quarterback, "but let's be honest ... He's Gator bait!"

And this gem from CBS television's David Letterman.

Among the top 10 signs you've been watching too much college basketball:

"Answer the phone, 'Hellohio State?' "

"Named kids Xavier, Duke and Notre Dame."

"You ask your girlfriend to marry you using a dry-erase board."

"Your wife refers to your fat butt as 'the Big South.' "