The story about Mr. Whetstone ("Bus driver tires of barrage of crudity," Mar. 14) was not hard to believe: How a man who stood for moral values, backed by his own 25 years of fine service to others, was at the last punished for a minor offense and sent down the road. As if it all meant nothing. How responsible.

I did not feel anger so much at the "kid" who decorated his truck with an offensive sticker, displayed for all to see. No, my real outrage is toward the Granite School District officials who fired the bus driver, Mr. Whetstone. According to what I read, the violations consisted of leaving a bus unattended (it was empty, no students inside) for the time it took to go to the other driver's vehicle and return. And then he changed his route (bus still empty) just enough to avoid a confrontation with the other driver.

Thank you, Mr. Whetstone, from all of us who admire you and your fine work.

Nolan Curtis

Salt Lake City